Lo scanner laser industriale ad alte prestazioni DS6400 è dotato della nuova tecnologia Step-a-Head, distanza di lettura da 300 mm a 2500 mm, nuovo focus dinamico FLASH, decoder avanzato con tecnologia di ricostruzione del codice (ACR4), display e tastiera, nuovo software di configurazione GENIUS™ e funzione PackTrack™.


CAMF vendita ed assistenza dello scanner industriale Datalogic DS6400 . Assistenza on-site per Brescia e provincia.


ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS POWER SUPPLY 15 to 30 Vdc POWER CONSUMPTION 15 W max. MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS DIMENSIONS 113 x 110 x 99 mm (4.45 x 4.33 x 3.90 in.) WEIGHT Linear version: 1.4 kg. (3 lb) Integrated OM version: 2 kg. (4 lb 8 oz) CASE MATERIAL Aluminium PERFORMANCE LIGHT SOURCE Visible Laser Diode (650 nm) MAX. RESOLUTION 0.2 mm (8 mils ) SCAN RATE 600 to 1,200 scan/s (SW adjustable) MAX. READING DISTANCE see diagrams MAX. DEPTH OF FIELD see diagrams MAX. READING FIELD see diagrams READABLE CODES All the most used symbologies MULTILABEL READING Up to 10 different codes in the same reading phase MAIN INTERFACE RS232 / RS485 (20 mA C.L. optional) AUXILIARY INTERFACE RS232 / RS485 (20 mA C.L. optional) OTHER AVAILABLE INTERFACESLonworks (Master/Slave), Ethernet, Devicenet, Profibus BAUD RATE 2,400 to 115,200 bauds INPUT SIGNAL 'Presence sensor' plus 3 auxiliary digital inputs OUTPUT SIGNALS 3 SW programmable digital outputs OPERATING MODES 'On linè, 'Serial On linè, 'Continuous', 'Test', 'PackTrack' LED INDICATORS 'Ready', 'Reading phase activè, 'Label present', 'Data transmit' DISPLAY 2 lines by 16 characters LCD KEYPAD 3 keys LED INDICATORS 'Power ON', 'Phase ON', 'TX datà LASER CLASSIFICATION IEC 825 Class 2 LASER CONTROL Security system to turn laser OFF in case of motor slow down ENVIRONMENT OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0 to 40 °C (32 to 104 °F), STORAGE TEMPERATURE -20 to 70 °C (-4 to 158 °F) PROTECTION CLASS IP64 for standard models; IP65 on request